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Since Ellen's Run was started, The Ellen Hermanson Foundation has given away more than $3.5 million to:

Southampton Hospital — 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003-2014


Ellen's Well —1999 - 2014

An initiative established by The Ellen Hermanson Foundation and administered by the Southampton Hospital Foundation that provides psychosocial support, under the direction of an oncological social worker, to breast cancer survivors and their families on the East End of Long Island, and programs including Neighbors Helping Neighbors, transportation and, Pink Bags.

Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert — 1998 - 2014

To sponsor The Ellen P. Hermanson Memorial Symposium, which brings together leading experts to address cutting-edge issues in health law and policy confronting breast cancer patients, and is open free to the public.

The Ellen Hermanson Foundation has also made the following grants between 1997 and 2012:

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center ("CLCHC") — 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

To fund 50% of CLCHC's mammography unit. The first not-for-profit health center established to serve gay and lesbian communities in New York City, CLCHC provides its services at no, or low, cost to all who seek its services. Many of CLCHC's patients lack health insurance and access to private health care facilities.

Carol M. Baldwin Breast Center at Stony Brook University Medical Center — 1999

To fund the October 1999 mammography drive

Community Healthcare Network — 2001, 2002

To fund the Community Healthcare's Brooklyn Breast Center Awareness project.

East Hampton High School — 1999
To purchase a Laminar Flow Hood, an apparatus that is used in research to provide a sterile environment and facilitate analysis
Eastern Long Island Breast Cencer Resource Center — 2000, 2001,2002
To fund a "Weekend of Healing" for breast cancer survivors
Get Some Zen: Culinary Bootcamp for Breast Cancer Survivors — 2012
A six-week program to introduce breast cancer survivors to the principles of healthy eating and nutrition and to demonstrate that healthy cooking is neither difficult nor time consuming (funded by a restricted gift).
Harold M. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute — (2012)
To provide tuition assistance to students who intend to practice within the five boroughs of New York City to be trained as patient navigators.
Integrative Nutrition for Cancer Survivors — 2012
A four week program to introduce breast cancer survivors to the principles of healthy eating and nutrition (funded by restricted gift)
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer ("MSKCC") — 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
  • To establish The Ellen P. Hermanson Fund for the Study of Molecular Biology of Breast Cancer (1997).
  • To fund Grace and Grit, a program sponsored by the Post Treatment Resource Program at MSKCC for women who are undergoing or completing chemotherapy (1998).
  • To fund a fellowship in pain management in the Department of Palliative Care and Pain Management to train a health care practitioner who will then bring the techniques and information he or she has acquired back to the hospital where he or she is employed (1999, 2001).
  • To fun a seminar/workshop series sponsored by the Post Treatment Resource Program at MSKCC (2000).
  • To the Barbara Ziegler Pallative Care Educational Program at MSKCC to fund the salary of the program coordinator (2000).


Mount Sinai Medical Center ("MSMC") — 2004, 2005

To help fund The Witness Project of Harle/?Esperenze y Vida (new name for WPHLWPH) of Mount Sinai Medical Center, a program that encourages and teaches breast cancer screening adherence and early detection behaviors for African American and Latina women increasing longevity and quality of life (2004)

For The Witness Project of Harlem/Esperenze y Vide (new name for (WPHLWPH) to fund a documentary based on survivor stories of Witness Role Models who mirror the younger, urban WPHEV population and their families (2005).

Peaceful Dwelling Project — 2001
To fund "A circle of Caring — Nurturing Each Other," a weekend retreat for breast cancer patients/survivors and family members
Shinnecock Indian Health Services —1998 - 2000, 2003
Funding to provide breast cancer screening and other services to women living on the Shinnecock Reservation in Southampton in a culturally sensitive and traditionally based manner.

The Ellen Hermanson Foundation keeps nearly all of the money it raises on the East End because that is where it raises nearly all of its funds. The chart below clearly shows our deep commitment to the East End of Long Island.

Bar Chart

The pie chart below is another way of showing the extent of our support of the East End.

Pie Chart